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Todd Howard

I see games... as the ultimate combination of art and technology.

David Cage

I approach video games the same way I approach theatre, filmmaking, poetry, or painting. I wish more people would take that point of view. It would help the industry to move on.

Sid Meier

A game is a series of interesting choices.

About me

I started programming when I was 15 years old. My main specialization is video game development. I have strong skills both in Programming and Level Design, as well as basic knowledge of almost every aspect of video game creation. My total experience in game-dev is more than 4 years and 8 years of working experience with .NET framework.

Some of my main projects that I wished to highlight can be viewed on this webpage. My main programming projects are available in the My Projects section, and as a level designer - in the My Levels section. Especially, I want to highlight a project called Among Us: Origins - a startup of mine, a role-playing game in historical near east, which, unfortunately, had to be paused due to lack of funding. But this does not unvalue this experience, especially since this project was able to reach top 50 of all projects on Steam Greenlight.

More information about me as well as my recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn profile. And more about my works and projects can be found on ArtStation and Github, as well as you can write a direct message to me through the contact form.


onsters and beasts are an integral part of any culture.

Mythologies of all peoples worldwide refer to various bloodthirsty creatures whose sole purpose is to harm people and destroy them. However, usually, the meetings with such monsters occurred only in the stories of the bards and mysteries of the priests. So when the monsters flooded the entire north of the kingdom of Babylon, it was a surprise even for such a superstitious people. Chaos and panic swept throughout the empire. Someone took up arms to defend their families. Someone tried to escape to the quiet lands. And someone just resigned to the terrible fate.

To put things in order, King Nebuchadnezzar the Great personally gathers an army and goes with it to the north of the empire. These are the soldiers who then will be the first members of the Hunters Brotherhood - the defenders of people from monsters and all evil.

After three years, all have forgotten about the events of the past days. Babylon began to live its casual life, full of conspiracies and intrigues, which erupted with particular force after the death of Nebuchadnezzar II – a stern, but respected king.

Successors came to power one after the other, until the a public servant named Nabonidus has reigned, who relied mainly on the priestly circles and the influence of his mother Adda-guppy – a priestess in the temple of Sin. His rise to power stabilized situation in the country, but the contradictions in society have become even greater. Babylon was so steeped in strife, that only a few noticed a new evil raising its head, the evil far more terrible than the last time.

It was necessary to urgently do something about it, otherwise the catastrophe would be inevitable ...

The game looks Beautiful, Something other than Ernest Gulbis I can like from Latvia. Reminds me more of Muderered: Soul Suspect....

KishnabeS Steam Greenlight

The pictures and graphics look beautiful and seems like an intriguing story. I'd love to try it out.

Sabrina.vstaay Steam Greenlight

Upvote all things Supernatural. Looks like a good start!

Wallygator Steam Greenlight

Graphically beautiful, sound design seems great, and what got me really interested was the historical locations and personalities, that as a history fan I am excited for...

Squirrel_The_Home_Gnome Steam Greenlight

My Projects

The variety of my works and the variability of my skills is my main advantage. I've worked on different projects of different sizes, different complexities and for different customers. Below are eight of my projects, which I wanted to showcase. You can ask me more about my experience and the projects that I have worked on as a programmer by contacting me using the contact form.


3D Photo

2D is good but 3D is better. That’s why we have created a fixed camera rig that captures single moments in time and converts them into three- dimensional videos that can be shared on your social media timeline.


VR Bicycle

Never seen before in Baltics, opportunity to ride a bicycle in Virtual Reality. Riders could see each other in Virtual world and could compete with each other.



In a special zone, folks could literally be the conductors of stars and control the 3D star parade projected onto the stage using only their hand gestures. Feeling like the masters of the universe for just a brief second.


Overly App

Today we live in two worlds - physical and digital world. With help of augmented reality and Overly team, these worlds are blending together and you will experience new type of entertainment - the future has arrived!

Riga Motormuseum

AR Chassis

Explaining engine operation with augmented reality – a complex and unique project not only in Latvia, but all over the world! More than 300 hours have been spent on scanning Oldsmobilde and modeling its structure from scratc.



University Turība needed an activity to engage young people in their exhibition stand, so why not challenge them with game that can read brain activity.


TSI World

Here you see a marker, which introduced 3D augmented reality experience when scanned with the Overly app. We created this for Transport & Telecommunication Institute in Latvia

Brightdawn Entertainment

A Walk in the Woods

There are no monsters to kill, no riddles to solve - it is not that type of game. It is a virtual escape where you can hide from the monotonous daily routine and enjoy the nature.

My Levels

Level design is my hobby. Usually, I work with scenes of nature. The process of transferring real places on Earth to the virtual world or creating completely new fictional locations is a good rest from everyday work of a programmer. You can find out more about my works in my portfolio on ArtStation.

I have so many works to show

Do you have any questions? You can contact me using this form and I will answer you as soon as possible!


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